Building a Better Workforce for Better Jobs

Montgomery County has cut the number of unemployed by 25,000 workers since the Great Recession, pushing the unemployment rate down to the lowest level since I became Treasurer. We’ve done a good job attracting new jobs -- now we must build the workforce we need to create better jobs. If we want every citizen to prosper, we must have access to quality career training. Every new high school graduate needs to have a career plan for attaining higher education or technical training to achieve those goals. We should not settle for a temp job economy, but build an economy with real muscle. As Commissioner, I will be a champion for better paying jobs for workers in Montgomery County.

Making Hard Decisions

Running a county government is not the same as running a business; local government must, by law, operate with a balanced budget and make decisions on how best to serve all citizens. Government’s bottom line is defined by the health and safety of its citizens, the strength of its economy, and the quality of its environment. Montgomery County needs to invest in job creation and foster an environment for higher wages while still providing the services that voters expect from county government. I will work hard to lead the county effectively using all the tools at our disposal.  My business experience, combined with my public service, means you can trust me to keep Montgomery County moving forward.

Stronger Neighborhoods, Better Places to Live

Under my leadership, the Montgomery County Land Bank has invested over $25 million in strengthening our neighborhoods. This effort has been one of the factors that has helped move property values up 5.3% and $1.3 billion in market value since 2015. Yet there is still much more work to be done. We must make sure that all of our neighborhoods have access to quality food and health care. I will stay focused on revitalizing our neighborhoods. Everyone deserves a great place to live.

Pushing Back the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has crippled our entire community; no part of Montgomery County has been safe from it. We have made some hard won progress in the fight against this crisis, with overdose deaths at a three-year low. As Commissioner, I will strongly support the important work that still needs to be done – like developing addiction recovery centers to help people make a healthy transition away from the destructive use of drugs. I will advocate for greater mental health funding and the implementation of addiction recovery programs in our existing system of treatment service providers. Those who suffer from addiction need our support so they can return to a productive life. 

Repair Broken Partnerships with the State

As Treasurer, I have seen the devastating impact that state government decisions have had on Ohio counties, school systems, cities, villages, and townships. Unfunded state mandates, shifting taxes to the county level, and cuts to local government operating funds have created budget shortfalls for Montgomery County and other counties across the state. As Commissioner, I will work to repair relationships with the legislature and leaders in Columbus so that Montgomery County’s issues will be heard and understood. The state’s war on local government needs to end. Montgomery County citizens deserve better.