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Building a Better Workforce for Better Jobs

Montgomery County has done an excellent job of attracting new businesses large and small and has helped existing businesses expand in the last four years.  These businesses provide a range of job opportunities.  The County continues to help build the workforce we need to create better jobs. If we want every citizen to prosper, we must have access to quality career training. Every new high school graduate needs to have a career plan for attaining higher education or technical training to achieve those goals. The new Economic Opportunity Center in West Dayton brings important training programs directly to residents and helps make job search services easier to access. As Commissioner, I will continue to champion better paying jobs for workers throughout Montgomery County.

Providing Support for Families Everyday

Citizens have taken a bruising in the last few years.  Tornadoes, mass shootings and other violence, the COVID pandemic, opioid and other drug misuse have all hit families hard.  We have shown grit and determination to get through these challenges.  We need to do even more to ensure that hard-won progress we have made can continue.  Mental wellness must become as important as physical wellness.  Everyone needs support as they face day today’s challenges.  Extra support is needed for families facing extra challenges. As a Commissioner, I want to help make these services available to all and encourage everyone to make use of available resources.


Encouraging Lifelong Learning


Now, more than ever, children need to start kindergarten ready for learning. And graduation no longer means the end of formal education. As jobs and society changes, everyone will need to access life-long learning options to keep up with the changes.  I have supported birth to 3 preschool initiatives to ensure every child enters school ready to learn. The County’s workforce development services help people get ready to enter the workforce and grow their skills so that they may advance in their careers. A workforce that is flexible and ready to address different challenges will be key to expanding businesses in the community. My experience will help me lead the efforts to ensure learning opportunities are available to all.

Infrastructure for Your Future

Montgomery County has a solid backbone of transportation, water, and sewer infrastructure.  This allows our community to grow and offer a safe environment for everyone.  We must continue to invest in maintaining this backbone.  We have maintained our infrastructure and are investing in improvements to prepare for emergencies.  An improved Emergency Operations Center will be prepared to respond to weather events or other crises.  Planned redundancy in our water system will allow for continued growth and for emergency responses. As a community, we must be prepared for increased demands on our critical infrastructure.


Education and Work

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